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    I had configured the httpd-2.0.54 on imx51 freescale processor board ( and trying to display video on client web browser through Apache httpd web server. I am trying to play video files for mp4 and 3gp video codec format. I have installed Quicktime player to play video on my window system (as plug-in).

    1) When I am accessing the file from web browser like fire fox or IE, than its playing the video on target system (window system).
    Ex: - by firefox on window working
    But, whenever I am trying to display the same video file through safari web browser on Ipod Itouch (8GB flash)
    Than, it cannot display/plying and show message video file can not playing.
    Ex: - by safari on Ipod Itouch not working.

    2) For test purpose, I had installed same apache httpd-2.0.54 on my other linux system, and accessing the same video file from Ipod Itouch than I can access the video and even it's playing the video by safari web browser. I can play video codec format like 3gp, mp4 and m4v by this.

    3) For error detection, I have tried three cases on imx51 & httpd-2.0.54, and also taken access_log every time.
    Accessing fv.mp4 ( file through window system firefox browser and succeed to playing video file. For this access_log file like this - - [01/Jan/1970:00:09:34 +0000] "GET /fv.mp4 HTTP/1.1" 200 223032
    Accessing the fv.mp4 ( file through safari web browse on Ipod Itouch. I can't access/play video file. For thus access_log file like this
    Ex:- - - [01/Jan/1970:00:11:30 +0000] "GET /fv.mp4 HTTP/1.1" 206 2 - - [01/Jan/1970:00:11:29 +0000] "GET /fv.mp4 HTTP/1.1" 200 223032
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    2009-12-23 09:27 AM