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    I have been working on the very early beta of a site called dibblr - the open mp3 converter and need some testers.

    If you browse to the main site, you simply paste in a YouTube URL and will be given a MP3 that you can download. The other feature is the iPhone interface ( dibblr//iPhone ) which allows you to search YouTube and then watch and convert the search result.

    Its in a VERY early beta but would appreciate any feedback.

    Note: Make sure you have the Safari Download Add-on installed so you can actually download the MP3 and an application that you cna play the file with such as iFile.

    Update: Added the redirect so going to dibblr.com so browsing on iPHone or computer works
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    2010-11-23 04:27 PM
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    Dropped the iPhone interface while I troubleshoot some HTTP session issues that Safari is having. Once the server gets a little busy, safari is claiming the session is over after 60 seconds.
    2010-11-29 06:07 PM