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    I am currently making a iPhone / iPod touch webapp.

    It will have about 10 TV shows on release, and more being added every week (about 1 TV show per week or more!)

    I have seen the other streaming webapps on Cydia - the standards set by them are low in my opinion.

    My webapp will deliver the best way to watch your favourite TV shows and movies online.

    There are no annoying pop-up's saying that you need to donate, there are no forced donations (such as VIP)

    This webapp is and will always be FREE to use 100%, donations and clicking on ads will be voluntary.

    I have been working on it for a week or so, everyday adding a new feature - the time has come to stop adding in new features and start adding in new TV shows and movies - therefore I am not too far away to release it.

    The only problems I have are these :

    How do I submit an webapp to a repo?

    What are my options for built-in ads?

    For those who would like to see my site as it is, send me a PM to get the URL.

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