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    Hello i found out how to earn some $$ i few mins... ITS ALL LEGAL AND LEGITIME!!!!!

    how to do it?

    1. Open Safari on youre device.
    2. Go to this link

    3. Now register on the site, in the email you need to write youre paypal email, its the mail where you want the $ sent to.
    4. After registering, you will be asked to install there app at youre homescreen, there will be alittle pic so you wont me doubting what to do.
    5. Now the app will navigate you to youre first free app to download, so you can get activated.
    6. Now youve installed youre first app, now go launch the app, and browse around in it for alittle, then wait 1minute and then youre payment will be at youre paypal.
    7. Now you can go into the app again, and browse all the free apps that you can download to earn more $.
    8. Download every app theres free, it will give you around 2$, there will come new downloads available every day, so daily you should go and download the new fresh apps.

    NOTE: After youre first download or after some more, you will be asked to verify youre idevice by number, so put in youre number + your country number, so the national number of youres should be infront of youre number. examble: 45 12345678 - 45= my countrys national, and 12345678 is my number ..

    I hope this helped.
    And just alittle note, ive earned 3.80$ after 2 days with this method, i know it aint much, but its a start, and it takes around 5-10minutes daily to install all the apps, depends on youre internet

    payment proofs:

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