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    I own a company that creates app templates for schools, clubs, teams...heck, any organization. The app consists of a rectangluar header and footer and 9 buttons in between laid out 3x3. Each of the buttons has an image/icon on the button. The user chooses the button from hundreds of options and can customize the button as well. This is where my frustration begins:

    When I upload the customized buttons to the app directory they replace icons by the same name on the server. When I access the web address the new images appear just fine. I then add the link/icon to the home screen. Here's the the issue: when I open the web app from the home screen icon the old button icons appear. I have cleared the cache dozens of times, reset everything except the option to reset and erase all content.

    This issue is on one of our old iPhones...3GS with firmware 05.16.07 and upgraded to iOS 6. What am I missing? Is this a coding issue or a phone issue? I am at my wits end and cannot figure this out. I attached two is the view with the new icons and the other is the view once the app is opened from the homescreen. Thanks for your ideas.Help me figure this out!-img_2810.pngHelp me figure this out!-img_2813.png
    2012-09-22 06:24 AM