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    Discussion thread for IPhone Fonts. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
    2007-07-29 08:55 PM
  2. Shimizu1006's Avatar
    Anyone know how to change em (like calculator font or homscreen font or anything)? If I dont get any responces I might start another thread...
    2007-07-30 01:36 AM
  3. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Not yet. Its pulling from fonts installed in the phone in System/Library/Fonts. There must be somewhere where the iPhone is seeing which font to use. Just gotta figure out which file is telling it which font to use.

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    2007-07-30 02:36 AM
  4. itzwiL's Avatar
    just a thought but can't u just replace the font with another font file but just renamed in the original font file.

    for example: yourcustomfont.ttf gets renamed to helvetica.ttf . then replace the helvetica.tff in the iphone. wouldn't this method work?

    but I guess for the people who are just wanting to change just one specific font for one part of the phone, this wouldn't work considering the iPhone uses that same font for something else.

    I'll actually try what I just said above later tonight and post my findings.
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    2007-07-30 04:09 AM
  5. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Good idea, looking forward to hearing your progress....

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    2007-07-30 04:10 AM
  6. itzwiL's Avatar
    So I did it.. I tried changing the LockClock.tff font with another one. After reseting my phone, the apple logo was all that appeared and the loading image was all there was. Oh, and my phone just kept buzzing.... iPhone is now f*cked up... I'ts currently restoring with iTunes now. -_-.. All my dam mods down the drain. Oh well, I was thinking of changing my theme anyway. lol

    So there ya go... don't try to change your fonts people. -_-" ..

    Actually, I'm going to try it one more time. I'm not gonna go for the lockclock.tff anymore, I'm gonna try the helvetica one or something.... Be back in a couple of minutes to post my findings
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    2007-07-30 09:20 AM
  7. Stealth1029's Avatar
    I screwed up doing this too. can someone please pull the font files for me so I wont have to restore? Thanks in advance
    2007-07-31 11:09 AM
  8. v4npro's Avatar
    i tried to rename and replace the fonts... i did it with PhonepadTwo and Helvetica .. my new font didnt change anything but it didn't fuck up my phone. itunes still works and all. and about the buzzing, my phone BUZZES alot since i bought it. hear it through my speakers and people in ventrilo get annoyed cause they hear it through my headset as well lol..
    2007-08-01 10:47 PM
  9. itzwiL's Avatar
    I've tried several different thing with fonts. the only one that really fucked up my phone was when i tried changing the lockclock font. everything else just reverted to regular arial font...
    2007-08-01 11:41 PM
  10. wickedfx's Avatar
    I renamed about 15 of them with my custom font, but nothing happened after loading them and resetting the phone. i did LockClock, and helvetica, all of htem. also i hope this is stupid of me for saying, but i noticed you wrote tff as the font extension, are you using that? because it's supposed to be ttf. if you used the other one that might be why it got jacked.
    2007-08-14 06:28 AM
  11. itzwiL's Avatar
    i used .ttf, but i found something very interesting... i'm still currently testing but if all goes well, all fonts can be changed =)
    2007-08-17 09:05 AM
  12. Tamagochi's Avatar
    i used .ttf, but i found something very interesting... i'm still currently testing but if all goes well, all fonts can be changed =)
    Good news itzwill, did you manage to change the fonts? Is it something related to Cache folder and CGFontCache.plist file?
    2007-08-18 07:56 AM
  13. Tamagochi's Avatar
    I looked through every file on my iPhone and could not find where I can change the system font. No clue about Helvetica, I could not even replace Helvetica.ttf with HelveticaBold.ttf (I changed HelveticaBold.ttf to Helvetica.ttf and overwrote it, iPhone detected that change and closed the applications that use Helvetica font)
    Anyone has any progress?
    2007-08-20 05:51 AM
  14. MrNoSox's Avatar
    anyone ever find anything out? I really want to change my LockClock font
    2007-08-26 09:35 PM
  15. iphoneitguy's Avatar
    any news im also intested in this mod as i dont like the current font in a few places say the clock for example
    2007-09-03 09:39 PM
  16. lilivelcro's Avatar

    I have a Thai version of the Iphone and they replaced the font with a Thai one, so all french characters are replaced by Thai character. Does any one can send me the original fonts ?

    2007-11-07 05:38 AM
  17. tincanpete's Avatar
    I'm also having that problem with Thai fonts (and the French ones getting messed up), will let you know if I have any success in tracking down the necessary files!
    2007-12-06 05:31 PM
  18. kankon's Avatar

    MarkerFelt - font used in Notepad in iPhone
    2007-12-09 12:56 AM
  19. seanobx's Avatar
    /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ why does the origianl font leave a show when you switch between the two?
    2007-12-14 04:04 AM
  20. The Jackal's Avatar
    the font details are not in the name but in the metadata stored in the font file itself. Kinda like how iTunes handles song data, you can edit the song details from within iTunes and name the mp3 file something completely different.

    you have to find a way to "RIP" the (.ttf) fonts you want and recreate them with a file name the iphone uses.
    2008-01-19 01:34 PM
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