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    This is a Walk through showing how to upload videos taken from Cycorder/iPhone Video Recorder directly to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and much More.

    Enter the AppStore and Install the FREE application "pixelpipe"

    When the installation is complete exit the app store and enter Cydia. Do a search in cydia for "PPVideoEnabler"

    and install and confirm.

    When that is complete any video that is taken by Cycroder can be found in PixelPipe.

    You can Now easily upload the video by just signing into youtube on your iphone.
    2009-09-09 03:57 AM
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    That's great
    Thanks my Friend
    But who is Ali Reda ?
    2009-09-09 05:22 AM
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    Me lol
    2009-09-09 05:30 AM
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    How do i upload to youtube? What should the settings be?

    UPDATE: I am able to record a video via Cycorder and the video is sent to my email then I can upload the video to Youtube as a .mov file on my laptop. How do I upload the video to Youtube directly from the iphone?

    Side Note: This is a good way to transfer video off the iphone which I had no clue how to do.
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    2009-09-09 06:24 AM
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    my question is, will it sort out between pics and movies. I have too many pics on my phone and just want to upload movies
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    2009-10-03 10:26 AM
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    yeah it does.
    2009-10-04 09:28 PM