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    hello...gosh i haven't posted here in such a long time...

    a weird icon appeared in my iphone4's mail app today, see photo attached. it's the one in the red circle. it doesn't seem to affect my mail function at all. i can still send and receive. called apple support and of course got no help and made me do a lot of things i didn't want to do (reset my network, delete all my accounts and re-add them)...

    i just wanted to know if anyone else has seen it and perhaps might know what it is?

    again, on iphone4, ios4.3.3, jailbroken (have always been). have not installed anything new lately

    thanks in advance
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    2011-06-15 03:01 PM
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    i believe i found my answer...something to do with enhancemail
    2011-06-15 06:39 PM