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    Up until recently I've been the only one using itunes for my iphone 4. Within the past week I bought the wife an iphone 4S and we also purchased the ne iPad. Now I am confused on how to go about syncing content to iTunes. I set up my wife's phone with her own Apple I.D because we don't want to have the same content in our phones(I have set up the iPad w/my Apple I.D as well). Ive searched google and came across two methods od creating and using seperate iTunes Libraries.

    1-Create seperate windows user
    2-Create different iTunes library(shift + open iTunes method) w/in same windows user login. **this method I would prefer the most**

    Now here is my issue:

    I attempted to try method #2 and as directed to do so in order to switch libraries for its respective device you are required to close out itunes and do "shift+Open iTunes" and choose the approriate library you want to use. Now I did that and even though I choose the library I want to use for the desired device to sync I always get a message about " the device was used with another itunes library and all its content will be erased and replaced .
    is this message suppose to always happen or am i doing something wrong?
    2012-03-19 03:29 PM
  2. Wyman's Avatar
    Hm, sounds to me you are opening the wrong library.

    Did you already sync each of the devices to the appropriate library?
    2012-04-18 05:31 PM
  3. RM305's Avatar
    While I was tempting to sync with the New created library I guess it was conflicting with the original library which was on a second windows login I had created. I deautherized that iTunes library and deleted the windows user login and all is fine. Thanks
    2012-04-18 07:19 PM
  4. Wyman's Avatar
    Glad issue was fixed.
    2012-04-20 12:56 PM
  5. RM305's Avatar
    Glad issue was fixed.
    Thank You
    2012-04-20 02:24 PM