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    Game sync is a broken feature and does not work. I am signed into iTunes, Game Center, iCloud (documents and data turned on) and I have turned on use iCloud in the respective games. All of this has been done on my iPad 2 and my 4S. No game sync occurres ever. I contacted the manufacturer of several games (slice it and where's my water) and they weren't helpful at all. The only game that syncs correctly is Infinity Blade II. All other iCloud operations work fine like contacts and notes. Why don't games sync across my devices. It's irritating and I am developing a very low/bad opinion of iCloud.

    I've even gone into the game folder and made everything 777 to ensure writing from iCloud works. Nothing works and I'm ready to delete every game I have and say f*** it.
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    2012-04-10 09:29 AM
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    Hey, I'm having the exact same problem with my iPad 2 and my 4S. I started noticing it with "Where's My Perry?" (another Disney title) and then with "Where's My Water?". I thought at first that it might be an app issue, but game syncing is not working for me either. Did you manage to find a fix for this problem?...
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