1. Crazyj29's Avatar
    I have received two text messages from someone else in my wife's text message box. She don't see them on her phone but I see them on mine. We are both on iOS 6 and she has a iPhone 4S and I have a iPhone 4.
    Plus there are times she will send me a message and it will show that message and no others and then it will show all the messages but not the last one. Any ideas?
    2012-09-27 04:47 AM
  2. sharkymccall's Avatar
    DO you think that maybe the texts are coming in from a wrong number? SOmetimes the young people send me texts that really don't even look like English, and when I ask them who they are, they realize that they were texting the wrong guy.
    It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.
    Albert Einstein
    2013-01-22 04:56 AM
  3. Crazyj29's Avatar
    I will receive a text and it shows its from my wife but she didn't send it. It's like a bug or something in iOS. Idk.
    2013-01-24 02:20 AM
  4. Doesel's Avatar
    Had this too, several weeks ago. Sent a picture to someone else and minutes later I got a call from someone I didn't know asking why I'd send him a picture... weird situation! I think that there's still a bug in iOS/iMessage!
    2013-02-08 10:32 AM
  5. scorpluto's Avatar
    I also have this prob creeping up at times. But then , i didn't do anything. I thought it is coming from wrong number and i just ignore it.
    2013-02-11 11:39 AM
  6. Wargasmtornado's Avatar
    Something to do with iMessage,i had to turn it off
    ipod 4G,32 GB-iOS 5.1.1-Jailbroken (redsn0w)
    iphone 4,32 GB-iOS 5.1.1-Jailbroken (redsn0w)
    i really,really hate using Winterboard
    2013-02-11 11:52 AM
  7. wiipro's Avatar
    Just happened. I was texting a friend and he didn't even say it and said he sent me this:

    Ashley? Ready for the mall?
    2013-03-30 09:04 PM