1. posrjak's Avatar
    I can not seem to fix my 3gs stuck in recovery mode. I get itunes error 40 when trying to restore. Have googled it, tried snow breeze custom iOS. Not even sure what version it is on now. Can not get it out of recovery mode. New boot rom 3gs.
    2012-10-04 06:33 AM
  2. posrjak's Avatar
    Thanks I'll check it out.
    2012-10-07 06:09 AM
  3. manobilla's Avatar
    Thanks I'll check it out.
    Did it help? were you able to fix your iphone?
    2013-04-10 10:45 PM
  4. posrjak's Avatar
    Nope never got it fixed. I think it was a hardware issue.
    2013-04-11 05:04 AM
  5. agthorn's Avatar
    I would like to post this as a new thread but not yet allowed ... HELP!!

    I have a 3GS but when my contract was up at AT&T 2 years ago, I went droid. However, I did jailbreak my 3GS and use it successfully while traveling to Peru last year. Realizing that I should have been able to have it 'unlocked' legally by AT&T, since I am still with them, when I returned I got it done (forgetting exactly how, but it involved contacting AT&T and them contacting Apple and my doing it with iTunes) ... net net, I have the current IOS on the phone but it would not let me use it as an ipod even let alone as a phone unless I put an active simm card back in it, if even temporarily. Doing that, I get a long wait, but a screen after verifying my language, country and wifi, times out after saying it can't reach the server. Frustrated, I tried to reinstall jailbreak and it would never seem to setup properly to do so. Many months went by but I revisited the device this week and got a scratched head first from AT&T who said I need to see Apple, and then from the Genius bar at Apple who said it must be AT&T.

    I seem to be stuck with a device that will do nothing, can't go forward and can't go back. Any suggestions? Even if it's to make it sellable!! thanks in advance for ANY suggestions.
    2013-06-13 04:22 AM