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    I have an iPhone 4S 32gb in good condition. Where is the best place (that's trusted) I can sell it for good money? I mean I guess I could trade in for credits but only if it's with a company/website that credits are actually useful for, not where I have to spend hundreds of bucks on iPhone cases :P. I would prefer selling to a good trusted company with good prices of course. I'm willing to sell it on a website like eBay (not ebay) if you have recommendations. Please give me your testimonial too! Thanks guys

    Also I'm planning on selling in June before most people know about he next value so my phone still has high value. Please tell me when you think it's best I sell too please!

    Again thanks!

    Edit: oh should I unlock too? If so where, I've heard of some websites are they reliable and do they fully unlock? And will the value outweigh the cost?
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    Best place is for any thing sale and buy.
    2013-09-28 10:17 AM