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  1. paaascal's Avatar

    right now im on 6.1, i checked in my shsh thing i have 6.1.2 shsh on cydia and on my hard drive, with this am i able to jailbreak and is it worth it or it's just nothing really better? or there has been something that will make that i can6
    2013-05-19 06:46 AM
  2. tttiiimmaaaahhhh's Avatar
    you can jailbreak up to 6.1.2 using evasi0n. it is kind of a pain to do the update i wouldn't go all the way to 6.1.2 just for that extra .2 there are patches on cydia for any major updates that were released within that .2. and jailbreaking comes down to being a preference either you like it or you think its a waste of time.
    2013-06-26 09:05 PM
  3. paaascal's Avatar
    can you explain to me how to do the updates from cydia?

    from what i understand, i will go from 6.1 to 6.1.2 with those updates without rejailbreaking?
    2013-06-26 10:52 PM
  4. 2k1's Avatar
    You will have to re jailbreak and do it over again. Best to restore phone as new so nothing they may cause issues in the past will not be on this phone.
    2013-06-26 11:18 PM
  5. tttiiimmaaaahhhh's Avatar
    you won't be able to actually update through cydia but download patches that the updates fix therefore you won't need to update because those patches will fix what the update was for
    2013-06-27 12:01 AM
  6. 2k1's Avatar
    Say what? Lol
    2013-06-27 12:07 AM
  7. tttiiimmaaaahhhh's Avatar
    everytime you update you have to rejailbreak your device. but the update area usually just security patches or new feature. you can get these without having to update via cydia. somebody always finds what it is and post patches if its major. in the end you can stay on 6.1.2 but still have the patches that come with 6.1.3
    2013-06-27 03:58 AM
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    2013-06-28 08:09 PM
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    2013-06-28 08:14 PM
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    2013-06-28 09:38 PM
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    2013-06-28 11:14 PM
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    2014-01-15 07:18 AM
  13. geraldosfire's Avatar
    i've hacktivated (not jailbreaked) my iphone 4 gsm ios 7.0.4 and i recieved no service error. how to fix it out? can u jailbreak with latest evasi0n? and will it fix no service?
    2014-02-08 02:52 PM