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    I've had 6.1.2 for several months now and I noticed two weeks ago that no mails, nor whatsapp messages are entering to my 4s
    I've been searching around and a lot of people complain about this right after updating to iOS 6. This is not my case since I've been using it for a long time.
    I figured it could be some cydia tweak that I have installed recently (the one that I had my suspicions on was BatteryDoctor pro), so I deleted every tweak except the ones I know for sure I had when notifications worked fine.
    Also tried to reset network settings, turning on "ask for connection" connecting to my wifi rebooting and tuning off the previous setting. No luck.
    Any ideas what it might be? All insight will be very much appretiated
    This is taking the "smart" out of my "phone".
    PS: as for now, my workaround will be to leave mobile data on (whilst I don't like this because of battery draining, mails and whatsapp will keep working)
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    2013-06-03 08:04 PM
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    Ok, so I had to get this fixed and nothing would work.. Decided to update to 6.1.3 and lose jailbreak for god knows how long.
    I thought it worked but not so sure now so I have it completely fresh not even synced with backup from itunes.
    STILL NOT WORKING. this sucks...
    After maybe a whole year with the same everything and now it stopped working, this is mindblowing really...
    2013-06-05 03:51 AM