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    so i finally got my 5s the other day and im finally getting around to trying out the eq settings. i notice it's currently setup to bass booster. i select several different options to see what sounds best. i toggle from acoustic, bass reducer, dance, flat and off. then i finally noticed something. they all sound the same. what the? i'm using the standard headsets which comes with the new 5s.

    so, any idea why my eq is not changing the sound coming out of the headset? when i put the same headset into my 4s, its very obvious that the eq settings are changing as i select them.
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    2013-10-15 09:43 PM
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    nevermind. i realized that the EQ only works with native ipod player. it does not work with pandora, iHeart or anything not apple.
    2013-10-16 02:15 AM
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    When i listen to music on my iphone it repeats the song and i have to manually change the song. How do i change it so it changes the song when its done instead of repeating it. i just got it wednesday and its refurbishedd
    2014-10-07 01:24 PM