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    Major Memory hogs:

    -Enable copy text in Facebook
    -Handwriting recognition for Action Menu (Felix helper)
    -QuotesDaily for Notification Center (also reduction of responsiveness NC overall)

    Some tweaks I've noticed did have some impact in my memory:
    -last version of Classic Docks (cause of other issues too: slow responsiveness InfiniDock)
    -last updates of biteSMS
    -FlagPaint7 lite
    -iWidget (which isn't really that surprising)
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    I have an iPad 3 and a iPhone 4s and after upgrading to iOS 7, while having less tweaks and apps installed than I am used to, I have greater memory problems.
    On my iPad I miss about 200mb ram. Only after using a Deep memoryclean I get some of it back and am back on about 520 free ram.
    On my iPhone I start with about 15mb free ram. I already disabled some unused processes in iCleaner Pro and removed unneeded tweaks. But I do have to say, I am self a tweak and app hoarder, but because I have started with a new OS, I am not nearly at the point as I have had on iOS 6.

    So I am searching for real memory hogs. I am now at a stage I really can't find which tweaks are real memory hogs so I thought to start a topic on it over here.

    Does anyone know of any tweaks from Cydia that cause memory leaks, that are real memoryhogs?
    Does anyone have tips to best find memory leaks?
    Does anyone have other ways to free more memory on iOS?
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    i'm search for memory leaks too. does anyone know an app which shows the exact memory usage of any app ?
    2014-03-01 04:12 PM