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    Please show some consideration to the staff and take a moment to read this before posting. HELP US HELP YOU.

    We have many different forums for a reason, so information will be organized and easy to find to help you get the most out of your iphone. If you would be kind enough to post in the correct forum it will save us hours a day of moving posts which we can use instead to answer your questions and make guides.

    Chit Chat
    This forum is for random chit chat about topics that don't have anything to do with the iPhone.

    General iPhone Chat
    This forum is dedicated to non-modding questions about the iPhone.

    Accessory Review
    Talk about iPhone accessories here.

    This forum is for the latest iPhone news. To submit news please pm cash7c3 or poetic_folly.

    Buy | Sell | Trade
    Pretty self explanatory. Rules of the b/s/t are posted here.

    iPod Touch Modding/Discussion

    Have and iPod Touch? All discussion about the iPod touch goes here.

    OS Apps and Development
    All discussion about the development of computer side apps here. Also a good place to post the newest OS app releases.

    3rd Party Apps Development
    This forum is for the discussion on development and creation of apps for the iPhone. Both Web Apps and Native Apps.

    Native iPhone App Launches
    Post new native apps in this forum. Also post updates to apps in this forum.

    Native iPhone App Discussion
    Need help using an app? Have questions and comments about an app? Post in this forum.

    Web Apps
    This forum is for discussion and releases of 3rd party web apps. These are apps that run in Safari on your iPhone, and require an internet connection.

    Modding in OSX
    This forum is dedicated to questions about using OSX to mod your iPhone.

    Modding in Windows

    This forum is dedicated to questions about using Windows to mod your iPhone.

    File Mods

    File mods can accomplish many things including raising the volume, changing vibration patterns, changing the language, and more. Post file mods and questions here.

    Unlocking / Downgrading (restoring)

    Unlocking frees your phone from AT&T. Downgrading is switching to and older iPhone firmware. Restoring is getting your iphone working again after you have broken it. Post about these three topics in this forum.

    Skin / Theme Creation
    Use this forum to discuss the creation of themes, and the file locations of different icons on the phone. Any questions graphics related here.

    New Skins / Themes
    Have you created a full icon set or iPhone theme that you'd like to share with the community? Post and discuss you work here.

    This forum is for discussion about media on the iPhone. Ringtones, movies, music, pictures, and more.

    Wiki Discussions
    Our Wiki / Guides section has a lot of helpfull guides and information. Clicking on the discussion link on any page in the wiki will that you to a thread in this forum dedicated to discussion about that page / guide.

    Other Carriers (Not ATT or T-Mobile)
    For discussion about getting your iphone running on networks that are not AT&T or T-Mobile.

    Getting your iPhone running, and any other discussion t-mobile related.

    Anything iPhone and AT&T related.


    Other general rules and regulations:

    We do not tolerate and spamming of the forums. If you want to spam, you will be banned.

    We do not allow warez on these forums. Post warez and you will be banned.

    Do not insult other members. We understand about giving others a bit of a hard time and joking, but if it gets out of hand, you will be banned.

    No profanity. If you aren't mature enough to express yourself without profanity, you don't belong here.

    No "Rated-R." PG-13 content is as naughty as is allowed here. Come on, kids read these forums.

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