1. dropz's Avatar
    i just bought my iphone and i know **** about it!! im seeing its a great site for modding my iphone but i wanna be sure of what i have.

    They say if i upgrade to 1.1.1 my phone will get lock down and useless but i dont know if i have 1.0.2 i just dont know?!?!&$·?!?

    what do i need to start modding my iphone with the different themes for dialpad like halo´s 2??!!
    2007-10-14 06:28 PM
  2. LeathaFace's Avatar
    once u hook ur phone up tp itunes under the summary tab it'll have your version right there. or if u wanna go the long way hit settings on ur phone then general then about it'll also show u there. as far as modding u can d/l ibrickr doesnt get any ez'er than that. good luck!
    2007-10-14 07:31 PM