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    So i did a bunch of crap to my phone and now when i try to connect it to itunes it says "make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, then try again." I put on 1.0.2 then did dvd john's activation method, ssh, then I just reloaded the 1.1.1 software and it totally screwed up. It takes a long time to initially boot (about 3 minutes). Restore doesn't work, and itune's can't open up my iphone or do anything with it.

    I used apptapp in order to get into recovery mode then I installed the 1.1.1 full factory restore. I know i left my unlock folder on my iPhone is which probably what's corrupting my phone at the current moment. Grr... Tomorrow I'm going to school, so I'll try using their macs to run some programs and I'll just try to brute force the sucker to unlock.

    ok that didn't work at all seeing as how the mac wasn't updated high enough to run with my phone so now i'm back on pc trying to unlock...l *sigh*
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