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    Got as far as "incorrect sim" via jailbreak.1.1.1. Started at step 0 about a dozen times. Everything was working but the phone. I decided to try the 1.1.1 -> 1.0.2 again but AppTappInstaller fails at step 2 attempting to reboot in real mode. All I get is the Activate iPhone screen telling me I've got no sim in the phone. I had taken the blank sim out and put mine in after iASign activation with 1.1.1 but it didn't work. The sim tray is now empty.

    Is there a limit to how many times you can go back to step 0?

    Can you go back to 1.0.2 after activating 1.1.1?

    Like everyone else on this forum, I'm deperate. My iPhone is brand new and never been iunlocked or anysim. firmware 4.0xx.xx

    I got a bright solid white screen for about 30 seconds. Now when I hold down power and home it displays apple icon then goes to yellow caution triangle with the works Please connect to iTunes.

    iTunes doesn't recognize the phone and iPHUC displays waiting for iPhone.

    Is this the final gasp of a bricked iPhone? Any special sequence of key to get it recognized by iTunes or iPHUC?

    As always, I'm desperate.
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    2007-10-16 09:03 PM
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    dude, it's not bricked, it just isn't jailbacking or SimFreeing..
    it would be bricked if it was on endless reebot, or completely froozen..
    so relax, you havn't lost you phone
    2007-10-16 09:04 PM
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    Thanks. It turned out to be a defective USB cable!
    2007-10-17 06:15 AM