1. pingwhen's Avatar
    ok. well ive learned all my pics and all my places but... how do i get the text files??? like?? how can i extract them or look at them im on a windows pc and i use that manzana but i cant get files from it only delete and input
    so can someone help me here?
    2007-07-25 06:13 AM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    You can use the getfile command from the CMD prompt in Windows.

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    2007-07-25 08:17 AM
  3. arthursdomain's Avatar
    i have not yet gotten getfile to work on pc with iphoneinterface. if anyone with pc has let me know. everything i getfile with the directory and such it crashes. im sure its a windows thing.

    best way is to make friends with intel mac users getfile works like a charm on there.

    and manzana will only upload files, delete files and make directories.
    2007-07-25 08:27 AM
  4. itzwiL's Avatar
    Why not just mount the whole iPhone stock pile into your comp? Heres the WiKi for it. http://www.modmyi.com/wiki/index.php...the_iPhone_DMG
    2007-07-25 11:30 PM