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    Connecting to internet through your wi-fi enabled laptop (Windows XP sp2 & No router)
    Step 1 Start wi-fi connection on your laptop.

    Step 2

    Make a new connection with the following parameters
    SSID = “Iphone”
    Network type =”Ad hoc”
    Tx Power = “Auto “ (or default)
    Preamble =”Auto” (or default)
    Authentication type = “open” (no security)
    Encryption = “none”
    set all other options to default values

    Step 3

    Go to Network Connections --> select your Wi-fi Connection --> right click ---->Properties
    Scroll down to --> Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) -->click properties
    Enable use the following IP address
    IP Address =
    Subnet =
    click Ok. Again click ok.

    Step 4

    Go to Network Connections ->select your internet connection --->right click-->properties -->Advanced tab--- > Enable Internet connection sharing ---> Allow other network users to connect through this computer Internet connection
    Step 5 now enable wi-fi on your Iphone
    Settings---- wi-fi -----> turn it on
    You will see a list of available wi-fi connections.
    Select “Iphone” –tap on” >” to get wi-fi settings
    Tap on Static tab
    Put the following settings
    IP address =
    Subnet Mask
    Router = (your laptop’s wi-fi IP address)
    DNS = (openDns)

    Now go back and select” Iphone “as your wi-fi network.
    (Ignore the message unable to join the network “Iphone”)

    That’s it, you are done .Open Safari and start browsing
    2007-10-23 12:08 PM
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    Dude Does This Work For U !!! Tell Me !!! There Is Another Way To Do This !!!
    2007-12-24 06:45 PM
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    since i upgraded to 1.1.3 version this is not working... help!!!

    by the way... thanks. it worked when i was on 1.1.2..
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    2008-01-18 05:09 PM
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    For those of you who would prefer to view a video on this you can see my thread here with complete video:


    iPhone 8gb
    1.0.2 OTB> 1.1.1 > 1.1.2 > 1.1.3
    Unlocked with Ziphone 2.3
    Operating in New Zealand
    2008-01-29 11:57 PM
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    thanx yaar ...its great workinng for me.....may god bless u..
    2008-05-29 10:35 PM
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    OMFG! YOU ROCK!!! Thanked.
    2008-07-11 06:08 PM
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    Hi i m doing everything right, but something is missing i suppose. I get wifi icon with good signal strength but as soon as i launch safari it goes off. please help.
    Thanks a ton
    2009-01-15 11:41 AM