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    Hello all,

    I am currently running firmware version 1.0.2 and wanted to upgrade to 1.1.1 but I have a couple questions, btw I don't need/want to unlock the phone as I am a ATT customer anyways:

    1. Do I have to do a factoy restore if I jailbroke my phone to put custom ringtones ONLY? I used the method in the "Modding your iPhone for Windows 101" and have not done anything else.
    2. Do I have to put in all my contacts and pictures back on the phone if I do perform a factory restore?

    Thanks all.

    anyone? The volume on the headset and handset are just too low
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    2007-10-24 02:27 PM
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    well take this with a grain of salt because iam sure everyones experience is different, but, when i upgraded from 1.0.2 and i did NOT have an unlocked phone, just a jailbroke phone, similar to yourself, and i DID NOT upgrade to 1.1.1 at anytime, I did not have to 'restore' my phone and if it did, it saved all my information, including my photos, sms, contacts, ipod, etc. so your fine there, however, i would strongly recommend syncing your iphone with itunes before upgrading, and download all pictures to your computer as they MAY be loss in the process. If you were to do a full restore (which you dont 'need' to) the above sync will save all contacts , but will not save photos. so i recommend downloading them before doing this, other than that, because you waited the process should be a lot smoother good luck
    2007-10-24 07:42 PM
  3. Eurisko's Avatar
    What he said...

    Just a note, iTunes will backup all of your vitals from the iPhone each time you sync. Contacts, SMS messages, Recent calls log, stuff like that.
    2007-10-24 07:44 PM
  4. yuhoo22's Avatar
    Thanks for the replies guys....I will upgrade to 1.1.1 tonight then in hope it will make a significant difference with the call/speaker phone volumes.
    2007-10-24 08:34 PM
  5. alucardunit1's Avatar
    do you have a mac or windows

    can you use all the apps that you use to

    what method did you use
    2007-10-27 06:46 AM
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