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    Hi there

    Sorry for the newb question.

    I have an iphone that i use for basically video/wifi. No point in me activating phone service as only CDMA is available where i live. Ive often thought of changing to the touch but with the lack of speaker and email i think ill stay with the iphone.

    My iphone was unlocked at first with the DVD john version. I then upgraded to 1.0.2 and use ibrickr and the fake activation files to allow access to the iphone.

    Am i correct in thinking my iphone doesnt need to be virginized as the phone part wasnt altered with any kind of unlock ?

    seems like all the options for 1.1.1 are going to unlock the phone part ( not that i need that) but will it matter that theres no signal available in my area or will i get nagging sim messages.

    any help is appreciated and thanks for the patience.

    Best Wishes

    2007-10-25 05:29 AM