1. pcar996tt's Avatar
    i'm having some significant problems. PLEASE HELP.

    What i did.
    1. Winpwn'ed iphone
    2. custom ipsw
    3. restore custom ipsw
    4. install BSD utils in systems director of installer
    5. install bootneuter and reflashed

    Symptoms: Bluetooth pairs but doesn't allow you to select headset. Internal audio no longer works. Voicemail doesn't work. Phone doesn't ring only vibrates. Phone doesn't function as an ipod - can't hear music through speaker didn't check with headphones.

    So some very significant problems. I was able to narrow down what caused the problems. Prior to installing bootneuter i have to install the BSD tools under the systems directory (otherwise bootneuter doesn't install). So bottom line is winpwn worked flawlessly (aside from the youtube problem). Bootneuter will install and work, but the BSD pre-requisite screws up the phone. HELP!
    2008-04-23 09:10 AM
  2. gabesir's Avatar
    reset your phone settings this will fix all this issues ! LOL
    2008-04-23 02:35 PM