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    This is not a problem with me trying to change the icon and it not changing, and I have looked through the whole forum for any information on the problem I am having and couldn't find anything.

    Well I keep having the problem that when I go on my ipod (just the ipod not ssh) to switch the battery recharge image there is no option in customize to even customize the battery recharge icon. I cant even choose the original battery because there is no option for battery recharge icon on the list of icons you can change(like when it lists carrier image, wifi image, bars image ect. there isnt one for battery image). I have customize version 1.21 and firmware 1.1.4, I have tried reinstalling customize a couple times. The first time I downloaded it, the battery icon option was there but i had to uninstall customize for a different reason. And after I reinstalled it I keep having this problem. So now I don't even have a battery icon when it is charging. If anyone has any ideas please help me out. Thanks.

    This picture shows what I mean. I apologize for the blurriness. As you can see the option for battery icon is not there.

    Edit: I finally figured out how to fix it
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