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    How to install PXL file on 1.1.1 iPhone(unlocked) with Windows?
    ibrickr doesn't work anymore is there any program else?
    2007-10-31 01:43 PM
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    i had same problem all yesterday and i finally got something to work. add these sources to installer via the edit function of the program.

    the easy jailbreakme.com guys are fantastic i recommend this to anyone who wants stuff on thier iphone. only limitations is the access to the iphone directorys. the easy method doesnt really unlock a phone completely it makes a sub part of the root menu. in ibrowser you can only see the files after the root menu. so i found that you can deal with that by combining finder program on your iphone.

    finder can move files around your iphone and it has access to all the directorys.

    to upload stuff from your computer:
    first i used iphonebrowser

    add a folder to applications (pxl) i called mine workingproject.
    drop anything you need on your iphone there.

    then open "finder"
    highlight the file you want in workingproject select "file" "move" then negotiate your way around your iphone to place the file whereever you want it.
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    2007-10-31 01:59 PM