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    Okay, so I bet many of you, or not many of you, use Windows Vista, as do I. I recently screwed up my iPod touch beyod all fixing. Today I couldn't even boot it up, thankfully I got it into recovery mode. Before now, I haven't been able to get iTunes to recognize my iPoT, which was a bad thing. Today I was testing random things, and I found this out. Okay, so when I plugged my iPoT in before this point Vista wanted me to install some "Apple Mobile Device" driver. It tried...and tried...but no luck. So I was trying to use firmware that I downloaded to restore luck. Eventually I figured out how, as I have previously stated.


    1. Plug in your iPoT/iPhone.
    2. Put it into recovery mode. (Hold Sleep/Wake & Home until the Apple logo appears, release S/W and wait until it shows the "Connect to iTunes picture.)
    3. A dialog should come up, eventually, saying that you need to install the AMD driver. Just click install device driver later.
    4. Go into the Device Manager (Control Panel > Device Manager [in Classic View])
    5. Go down to network drives.
    6. Double click on Apple Mobile Device.
    7. Click "Update Driver"
    8. Choose to find the files on your computer.
    9. Navigate to "CProgram Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin" (Without quotes)
    10. Wait for it to install.
    11. Restore your iPoT/iPhone!

    2007-11-04 08:01 PM
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    Handy and useful Thanks!
    2007-11-04 09:17 PM