1. cursive08's Avatar
    So i have 1.0.2 jailbroken using ibrickr, i went on installer i downloaded a summerboard theme for a joke called "justintimberlake" or somthing liek that and hten it pops up saying some kinda script has ended and then i tried to dowlnoad another one figuring that one was just messed up and its was a mario party theme, it wouldnt let me even dl it, i went back to my springboard and it was black and no icons so i was okay ill reset it, i reset it and all it is is a apple and then white and black lines appear and they go back and forth. and then i will get to my srping board nothing will work, i can use the dock(the sunburst in the right hand corner) but then it messes up when i select somthing.

    im trying to get onto iphone broweser or itunes and its not being registered on my computer AT ALL.

    2007-11-04 09:26 PM
  2. parisfan85's Avatar
    I had the same type of problem with a theme a few days ago.

    I had to do a full restore, and, like you, iTunes wouldn't even recognize the device when I plugged it in. I had to force it into recovery mode by holding the home and power buttons simultaneously for about 25 seconds. Make sure your iPhone is plugged into your computer, whether it recognizes it or not, when you try to put it in recovery mode. For me, it wouldn't work without being plugged in.

    Hope that helps.

    Also, as a side note, iBrickr remembered all my phone numbers somehow and even after a factory restore, they were all still there.
    2007-11-04 09:38 PM