1. vampep's Avatar
    i followed all the guides to change icons on home screen or change the dialer but none are working

    when i putfile blahblah.png it seems to work
    it shows
    fileref: 1

    then click exit
    shut off the iphone by holding the sleep button and sliding the bar across
    i then turn the iphone back on

    and none of the changes stayed

    only thing i have been able to do successfully is add custom ringtones ;(

    i'm using windows XP also.
    2007-07-31 10:57 AM
  2. JakeyBoy's Avatar
    Put your file in the phonedmg folder where your iphoneinterface is located. Make sure it its properly named for instance icon.png or SBdockBG2.png or whatever. instead of using "cd" say "putfile location/location/location/filename.png" Hopefully that works.
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    2007-07-31 08:12 PM
  3. vampep's Avatar
    ok i did that
    i had the file with correct name in the phonedmg folder
    only thing different that i did notice was the putfile path was used with ringtones and not with the png files.
    tried that and...IT WORKED !!!!


    2007-07-31 10:36 PM