1. itb165's Avatar
    well i finally got passed the jailbreak part and now im in iphoneinterface....i typed the mkdir line then the next line i dont know what to do...2 different tutorials told me to do two different things and neither worked i tried the cd line and the putfile line neither worked i uploaded two screenshots
    Attached Thumbnails iPhone Interface Problem-putfile.jpg   iPhone Interface Problem-cd.jpg  
    2007-08-05 10:29 PM
  2. T4LL0N3's Avatar
    it doesnt look like the directory you made was made
    disable itunes+ipodservices then mkdir and then open it
    "mkdir /var/root/Library/Ringtones "
    "cd /var/root/Library/Ringtones "
    if you can open then the directory was made =D
    i had to put my ringtones in the phonedmg folder
    o did you run iphoneinterface just like that?
    make sure you "cd\phonedmg" before opening it up i hope this helped
    2007-08-06 08:13 AM
  3. itb165's Avatar
    thanks anyway I use that drag and drop program I can never get the name right mamzana
    2007-08-06 10:48 PM