1. tonyxc's Avatar
    hi all...

    i have a UK O2 PAG unlocked iphone.....currently running 1.1.2

    was charging my phone last night and suddenly it doesnt charge or is
    recognized in windows/itune. i have tried charging from the wall but that doesnt work also.

    I tried putting it in restore mode - the plug into itune picture is there but is not animated if u know what i mean,....... I tried connecting via winscp to delete the lockdown file but i cant access the phone......

    how do i restore it back to know if my comp cannot recognize it. tried on another laptop same thing - is it because i unlocked it!!!!!????



    have i bricked my phone?????

    i only bought it 2 weeks ago....!!!!!!!

    pls somebody help me..


    any ideas!!!!!!!??????

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    2007-11-27 12:30 AM
  2. bkabner's Avatar
    When you hook it up through the sync cable to your laptop and open iTunes are you able to put the phone in restore mode?
    2007-11-27 12:42 AM
  3. CLMEHNRY's Avatar
    plug it in to the wall

    hold home and lock button for 10 seconds

    let go of lock button and continue holding home for 20 seconds

    plug it into your computer, restore with itunes
    2007-11-27 12:45 AM
  4. tonyxc's Avatar
    hi all..

    thx for reply.... i have tried all methods and nothing has worked...

    from another forum... they think i may have fried my power management board.....

    will try to drain the battery and return it to apple.. i've only had it for 14 days....
    2007-11-27 10:15 AM
  5. alias_neo's Avatar
    Won't apple be a little upset that you have unlocked it, that's the worry i currently have, what do we do about repairs warranty or otherwise with unlocked/imported iphones?
    2007-11-28 03:18 AM
  6. i_rezsoh's Avatar
    try it witn WinSCP.
    UN: root
    PS: dottie or alpine
    url: ur ip address (settings > wifi > and hit on the blue arrow next to the network name.
    it should let u in.

    if u have a uk o2 iphone and if u are currently use it with an o2 card, u wont loose ur warranty. dunno why but it is like this. if it hasnt been unlocked yet just jailbreaked.... but u cant really unlock it right now... thats all i know about warranty maybe it is stupid but i would give a go...
    2007-12-02 02:58 AM