1. Sigma0's Avatar
    There's no released information that I know of regarding support with Vista 64bit but surely there must be a version in the works? Does anyone have any inside knowledge that could give a rough timescale on how long it'll be before a 64bit-compatible version of iTunes is released? Surely Apple can't ignore what I'd imagine amounts to a quite sizable portion of their userbase for much longer.

    Alternatively, is there any other 3rd party application that would allow music transfer to the iPhone? There's Winamp plug-ins (along with others presumably) that allows just that with an iPod so how hard can it be? (Obviously much too hard for myself but there's many competent programmers out there)
    2007-11-30 05:51 PM
  2. k427's Avatar
    id also like to know the answer of this, i switched to x86 when i got the phone hoping it would be compatible with x64 soon. though i think i read something saying itll never be...
    2007-12-14 10:28 PM
  3. pmas's Avatar
    iPods work on Vista 64. It's just the iPhone that is not compatible. I agree that apple should create a driver or whatever it is that is preventing Vista64 users from using it.
    2007-12-14 10:50 PM
  4. paul09's Avatar
    This is such a rip, typical apple, they use the dirtiest marketing tactics. I've had to resort to dual-booting between x64 and x86 just so I can sync my iphone...
    2007-12-14 10:54 PM