1. ThaBrand's Avatar
    I got a 8gb ipohone 1.0.2, is unluck using it with tmoblie. Iam using ibrickr_v0.91 because i have a pc with XP. Ibrickr its cool i can add ringtones and etc. with no problems but when i try to add application nothing happens i dont see it on the phone at all,i get somthing about sent to pxldaemon and phone will reset in 30sec not happens. did i miss somthing, my wi-fi is not workin because i didnt pay the bill yet, i will today, another thing when i unlock my phone with tmoblie i try using the installer on my phone to unload games and application. 1. when i click on the game or app that i donwload it goes blank and then return me back to the home screen. 2. dont see the installer and the other games or apps that i downlaod(i guess they are no room on the home screen). 3. I used ibrickr to delete the games and apps then i start see the games and apps plus the installer i was looking for. Can anyone help me please!!!!! Do you think I should jailbreak it ( I love to add ringtones,games,app using the the web egde).
    2007-12-05 08:24 PM
  2. freshfitz's Avatar
    Are you using the pxl icon or you coping the files to the iphone? and you shouldn't have a bill for wifi if you own the router you can connect to the phone via wifi
    2007-12-06 04:10 AM
  3. ThaBrand's Avatar
    No iam not copying pxl icon. I follow the step where its saids to upload the installer 1-8.pxl, then it said it has been sent to pxldaemon and the phone will reset in 30sec but nothing happens
    2007-12-06 04:31 AM
  4. freshfitz's Avatar
    What are you tring to add installer.app? in ibricker goto /Applications each folder listed with .app at the end is each application on the springboard do you see the program there?
    2007-12-06 04:36 AM
  5. ThaBrand's Avatar
    Thanks for your help, i see what i did wrong, i didnt jailbreak my phone thats why i was havin problem. I just jailbreak it and its working fine now
    2007-12-06 05:52 AM