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  1. t0ekneesays's Avatar
    Well i just bought my iphone and i was tryin to change theme and i have no clue what i am doing ..and i try jailbreaker and download a theme nd i just import to my phone from the program and it mess up my background and icon. and can some please show me how to make it normal again or neways i can actually read it thanks!
    2007-12-06 05:33 AM
  2. robbpell's Avatar
    how is it messed up? what does the screen look like? how did you import it? did you use summerboard to change it?

    if you have the installer icon install summerboard and you can install a theme from installer and select it on summerboard if you replaced your icon and background files manually look in the download section for original pics
    2007-12-06 08:39 AM
  3. t0ekneesays's Avatar
    like i can't even see some of the icons its like black spot ..i imported it through jail break...i got an installer on the phone but i dont knoe how to put sumerboard or do that any help would help thanks
    2007-12-06 02:37 PM
  4. NetMage's Avatar
    jail break doesn't import things - how did you get the theme on the phone?

    If you have on the phone, then you can Install Community Sources and then Install more applications by using the Install button at the bottom to find applications or themes to install.
    Start with installing SummerBoard if it is not already installed (do you have SMBPrefs showing?)
    2007-12-08 01:38 AM