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  1. pospower's Avatar
    Ok I have a us IPhone on ATT. My wife has ATT Sim that she use's for work. Here company pays!!!! All international calls ect.

    We are going to Ireland for Christmas and I was wondering what I need to do to prepare the iphone so that it will work over there. Again I will not pay roaming or internet charges so I just need it to work.

    As of now I have a modded phone with 1.1.2 on it. All applications work installer ssht wifi ect. I just don't have it unlocked for other carriers. I'm looking again for the easiest program to do this so I can just put her sim in and go.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Jay Dunigan
    2007-12-06 03:04 PM
  2. robbpell's Avatar
    anySIM unlocks phones for other carriers but i dont you need to unlock it as its att and iphones work on at&t if i understand correctly you want to use your wifes sim in your iphone try just putting her sim in if she has an older sim it might not work
    2007-12-08 12:28 AM
  3. pospower's Avatar
    Wow it worked!!! Wife's sim in. Now question will it work in Ireland. Phone or edge?
    2007-12-08 01:17 PM