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    Hi guys...
    I've just bought my 8GB iPhone two days ago and I face my first "trouble" with it. Any help from a more "in-to-it" user will be highly appreciated. Hre goes:
    1. When I sync my pics via iTunes, even though they represent only 250 MB on my PC, the "iTunes image optimizing process" creates a Cache dir of something like 1,4 GB (!!!), which in turn makes the pics of the 250 MB holding like 1,7 GB on the iPhone. WHY??? Is there a way, either to bypass the optimizing process?
    2. Better yet, is there a way/software to transfer files to my iPhone without the use of iTunes?
    3. Being a Windows user, I'm totally unaware of the iPhone's file system. Where do I store pics, where do I store ringtones, where do I put videos? Is there a way to do this nice and easy without messing up the root dir and the overall system?
    4. Apps that I find on the web in zipped format, after they're unzipped they create a "xxxx.app" dir with some files in it. Is this the application itself? And if yes, where do I transfer it on the file system and - again - how???
    I'd like to thank in advance everyone who will be willing to respond. Take care
    2007-12-08 12:03 AM
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    1. Thought the optimize process normally reduced the picture resolution. Sorry, haven't noticed this.

    2. There is some work on this in different areas, but I do not think anything easily usable.

    3. Pics and videos are stored in a special format and can't be just copied to the phone. iTunes is the best way for that right now. Ringtones depends on your firmware version. In 1.0.2 you could just copy to /Library/Ringtones. In 1.1.1, you must do a complicated trick iTunes process. In 1.1.2, you must rename the file and sync it with iTunes to get it on the phone. Also, in 1.1.1, you can use the MECCA patch (Google is your friend) to put ringtones on easier.

    4. That is the application. It must be copied into /Applications on the phone and you must set the file permissions on the app itself to include execute (typically 755). You can use iPhoneBrowser to copy folders onto the phone, but must use MobileFinder, Squid or MobileTerminal to modify permissions (or WinSCP or putty with SSH). It is easiest to install applications with Installer.app by adding new sources if possible.
    Install at least SummerBoard and the BSD Subsystem to get going.
    2007-12-08 01:35 AM