1. wayne's Avatar
    hey peeps...i want to change up my alert tone for email notification, sms, ect... there was a thread abt using quicktime to make .aif files but when i go to my current quicktime app it says i have to buy "pro" to export..is there another program i can use to make .caf audio files or .aif files?

    or if im doing it wrong, how can i fix it....
    im using win XP w/ sp2 and using manzana for transfer
    2007-08-09 06:15 AM
  2. jedinight's Avatar
    yo use itunes !!!!!put sound in itunes click on edit tab/ pref /advan/import using aiff ,then click ok go back to sound in itunes right click ,convert to aiff,then drag and drop out of itunes,then change file name back to .caf .then you are ready to drag and drop to ibrowser
    2007-08-09 06:55 AM
  3. rossmnz's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    Been playing around with this. Been using WinSCP to mod my iphone 1.1.1 a little bit.
    Trying to change the alert signal for sms messages for something groovier.

    Anyhow, when i try to rename my .aiff file to .caf it works fine.

    However, when i put the said file onto the iphone using WinSCP....it still has a .aiff extension on and does not replace the file im trying to replace.

    Even when i try to remove the original .caf file this does not work.

    Anyone experienced this?


    2008-03-24 12:49 PM
  4. maddog's Avatar
    Itunes works Great !!!!!

    thanks for the tip, now got Terry Tait (YOUTUBE FAME) screaming "You Got Mail Baby WOOO"

    thanks alot, and if i knew how to add the file here, i would, so if anyone can tell me i'll post it up

    Cheers guys

    Mad dog
    Newbie to IPhone
    so any help will have to be EASY for me

    2008-08-18 11:50 PM