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    so heres the thing, im gonna reinstall windows on my computer and so then my itunes is completely gone. so i am wondering, what can i do with my iphone. the next time i plug it in my new itunes, its not gonna work anymore?
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    2007-12-24 08:08 AM
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    I believe I posted this on here before, your backup is stored in the following location in a Windows based PC (This is for XP, if Vista then change document and settings to Users).

    CDocuments and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

    USERNAME=the user you normally log into Windows with.

    In that directory is a GUID value which is the directory that houses all your backup information for iTunes, I recommend taking the backup of the entire directory.

    Also you realize you will need to backup more items right? Like the iTunes library xmls, if not your iPhone will be wiped of songs the next time you sync it since that XML will be gone and starting from fresh.

    2007-12-25 12:13 AM
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    and where would these xmls be found

    and windows tells me i cant access that folder...

    btw im on vista
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    2008-01-04 05:52 AM
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    The backup directory on Vista is not document and settings (since that doesnt exist on Vista)

    The location on Vista is the following
    CUsers\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

    The location for the Music backup and XML are in your CUsers\USERNAME\Music\iTunes.

    2008-01-04 06:04 AM
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    so just that one itune music library.xml?
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    2008-01-04 06:22 AM
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    Yes that one XML holds all of your music library that you put into iTunes.

    2008-01-07 02:01 AM