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    I was updating my iTunes to 7.7 when I figured out that I installed the 32bit version instead of the 64bit that I needed. I then needed to uninstall iTunes all together and start over. Which I did, however the installation kept failing at the very end during "Publishing Product Information". I tried all kinds of stuff, uninstalling, and reinstalling... registry cleaners, check disk repair, everything! Come to find out though I found a solution. It seems that the Bonjour service that is installed with iTunes shares a similar DLL with the program XFIRE (xfire.com). The DLL was mdnsNSP.dll. After closing out xfire the installation had no problems at all.

    I hope that this will be of some help to someone who has a similar problem someday. Obviously not everyone will have this problem but a good google search will pull this up


    2008-07-12 11:17 PM