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    First Excuse me for my poor written english as I am French.
    I have seen many trying to use iphone or ipod as a HD.

    Here is a simple and very effective solution (among others, I am sure).
    Instead of using winSCP or iphonebrowser I am using Sftpdrive that works in SSL mode AND allows you to have a virtual drive letter under windows.

    1/ install Sftpdrive. (find an older free version over google if you wish to)
    2/ configure it the same way you do for winSCP. IP-port22-root-alpine
    3/ aplly the virtual drive letter you want.
    4/ lauch it for the first time.
    You can now access you iphone directly under windows explorer.

    5/ create a directory named DD
    6/ disconnect under Sftpdrive
    7 go back to your virtual drive options and clic on the "directory" scroll and add "/private/var/root/DD" under "show only" list.

    8/ reconnect your virtual drive.

    You now have a virtual drive letter under windows (work well under XP and vista) that mask all the iphone files and only shows your directory.

    Sftpdrive as the particulary to "detect" automaticaly your iphone when you clic it on and connect the virtual drive automaticaly. Having it only showing the directory where are your personnal files, avoinding to mess around with the other iphone directories.

    Sftpdrive is even faster that WinSCP.


    2008-01-18 05:25 PM
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    Merci beacoup!

    C'est tres bon.

    And that's about it for my French.

    Thanks for posting this.

    Any chance you could point me towards the old free version of Sftpdrive?
    2008-01-20 07:49 PM