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  1. frenchyoliver78's Avatar
    First excuse my poor written english as I am French.

    Download ml_ipod 3.02 here:

    Download last patch here:
    (beta version)

    Add it to your winamp sources.

    You now have a shortcut under winamp that access directly you iphone or ipod touch. You can arrange playlist drag and drop etc....

    You virtualy do not need itune anymore.

    ml_ipod 3.02 only manages music files and will shortly manages videos as well.

    For jailbroken iphone a small app allows you to avoid the restart process.
    You can find it here: and it is called "AfterSync for ml_iPod"

    This beta is almost finished but you may encouter bugs. Personaly have not encountered any problems and this is working very well.

    Managing music across winamp is far easiear than across itune as you do it directly the drag and drop windows way.

    2008-01-18 03:43 PM
  2. OneRing2Rule's Avatar
    I have been constantly getting timeout messages with iTunes and can't get movies and large files over to my iPhone. Then the new release of iTunes gives me manual control of files, but I STILL get the timeout problem.

    Thanks to this plugin, I can now move movie files over with no problem. Thanks so very much!!!

    If I've helped you or even just made you laugh, hit Thanks. Every time you do, an iPhone gets jailbroken. FREE THE iPHONES!!!
    2008-01-20 08:29 PM
  3. Rhydz's Avatar
    i love this work around. i can sync up with my media library there. theres a few bugs with it but overalll its good.

    anyone have trouble with album cover art showing?
    2008-02-02 11:28 PM