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    Hey all --

    I just upgraded to 2.0 and winpwned it. Great program.. worked great. The only trouble I'm really running into is I've made and have been using individual direct call links. What I mean is.. I have a picture of my wife.. and just click it.. on my screen and it calls her. Worked on every firmware through 1.1.4.. now I'm on 2.0.. and I was able to put the links up on my screen.. but, when I click them it acts like it will call.. but, then just goes back to the summerboard..

    I've winscped the apps and files in them.. to 0755.. that's the right permissions setting right?

    thanks for the help.


    would love to get these going.

    Better question.. does anyone have custom.. one-push phone shortcuts on their home screens without having to go to contacts?

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    I was able to put the links up on my screen
    How did you do that on 1.1.4? I opened a contact but saw no way to add them to the Home Screen. Please let us know how you did this.
    Thanks very much.
    2008-08-01 10:16 AM