1. dazhm88's Avatar
    OK, here it goes, im running windows vista on my pc and recently installed the new iTunes so i can use my pc to put music on my iphone, previously, i was using my laptop which is running xp to put music on my phone, and by doin that i needed to burn the music onto a dvd then transfer to my laptop then onto my iphone, which was a bit of a bother, so i installed swaptunes on my iphone so i could use my laptop and my pc to add music, but when i installed swaptune all it did was converted ALL of my music (4.3gb) into "Other Files", what is the easyiest way to delete these "other files" or convert them back?

    Many thanks, dazhm88
    2008-01-22 01:44 AM
  2. rawaby88's Avatar

    browse iphone and go to
    and then delete "Itunes_Control_2"

    2008-02-29 01:03 AM
  3. jayman5446's Avatar
    What if there is no Itunes_Control_2?
    2008-05-17 04:26 PM
  4. Omars_iPhone's Avatar
    then look for anything that has Itunes_Control it might be hidden
    2008-07-14 06:42 PM