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    What do i do to make the SIM cards work? I tried to downgrade with iTunes and it came up with the error, so, i looked if it was downgraded, and it looks just like a 1.1.1 ready for activating. It booted up after the error and looks fine. All wrong is the SIM card prob! heres the video tutorial I used:
    [ame="http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=YakjwxB3nQU"]YouTube - How to Downgrade from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1 on ipod touch or iphone[/ame]

    thanks in advance and please help me!

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    2008-01-26 01:14 AM
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    what is the error?
    2008-01-26 02:06 AM
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    incorrect sim card, it says i need an unlocked activate sim, and ive tried 2,and it still happens

    it says: "Incorrect SIM insert an unlocked and valid sim to activate iphone"
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    2008-01-26 11:48 PM
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    Does your imei match what is on the back of your phone settings -> general -> about you probably need to re-virginze the baseband download a re-viriginze pack and follow instructions. then your imei should be back to 0113 something. Load the firmware you want then re-unlock
    2008-01-27 01:02 AM
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    okay, i bypassed the activation. now im runnin on 1.1.1. all is fine, but the sim, no it says: INCORRECT SIM- This iPhone must be used with an approved SIM. So, my iphone is locked to at&t and i am using an at&t sim(its a 3g sim). its like a really fancy ipod touch haha...the imei is the same on both. Im gonna go to at&t and see if the give me a non-3g sim, mayb thatll fix it.

    how do u revirginize?
    what it is?
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    2008-01-27 03:10 PM
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    u need to go to go to jailbreakme.com and download it the go to installer find oktoprep 1.1.1 download that then do shift upgrade in itunes let it do its thing after that download the 1.1.2 jailbreak from concieted soft run that then u should have a jailbroke 1.1.2 if sim dosnt work continue on to ibrickr speacil 1.1.3 download, to jailbreak and upgrade to 11.3 after that your sim should read and be ready for use it worked for me !
    2008-01-27 03:34 PM
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    I've never seen that on a locked phone only an unlocked phone
    2008-01-27 03:40 PM
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    owell, i just came back from soft upgrading to 1.1.3! its all cool but, it doesnt get any service! no att operator name at the top or edge icon! i have a 3g sim, does dat not work w/ the new baseband? wat is the number/version of da new baseband? i wanna make sure im on 1.1.3 baseband again...

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    2008-01-28 05:41 AM
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    did activate the phone thru itunes and hav a legit account for the iPhone on at&t??
    2008-01-28 06:56 AM
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    He must have an otb 1.1.2 like me... Won't work buddy. Even with an ATT sim. Been trying for two days since I broke my otb 1.0.2.

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    2008-01-28 08:03 AM
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    okay, im going to da att store tomorrow and gettin it activated w/ my old contract (hopefully!) i upgraded to 1.1.3 the itunes way so they cant see its been modding. or mayb theyll replace it...

    i got a legit account on att

    i got a legit account on att
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    2008-01-29 03:44 AM
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    i got a legit account on att

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    2008-01-29 03:45 AM
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    r u juz tryng to jailbreak??
    2008-01-31 04:57 PM
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    And bypass activation, but I saw all the probs cumin up w/ da soft upgrades and decided to just activate via itunes and get unlimited data! I'll wait till they come up w/ safer and better ways to jailbreak 1.1.3.

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    2008-01-31 05:05 PM
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    If your phone was a 1.1.2 OTB, and you upgraded to 1.1.3, you can always downgrade to 1.1.1 and work your way back to 1.1.3. Once in 1.1.3, you can replace the lockdownd file & your phone will be activated, but stuck on AT&T only. So, week 45-52 phones, shouldn't be upgraded (unless you downgraded the bootloader to 3.9 ahead of time).
    2008-01-31 05:57 PM