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    First off, I am running 1.1.3 unlocked on Rogers in Canada.

    On 1.1.2 there was an issue that if you dialed a local 7-digit number and the contact was in your contact list, the name would not show up when you dialed.

    There was a fix in which you edited the AppSupport, but I cannot find it anywhere as the Dev Wiki is no longer. It had to do with opening AppSupport in a hex editor and changing a couple things.

    Basically, I want the contact's name to be show when I dial the local 7-digit number. It will show up when I dial the 10-digit number it will show, but when I am local, I do not need to dial 1 nor the area code.

    Anywhere I can find a fix?
    2008-01-30 01:05 AM
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    No thoughts?
    2008-02-04 03:58 PM