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  1. Raptor's Avatar
    Hi guys ive just got into the iPhone, getting one in the last week, so im rather new at modding it etc...

    last week i got the iPhone with it already Jailbroken and unlocked via next sim and made myself nice and at home, then i tried music...

    iTunes refuses to put anything on the iPhone without Syncing it to my PC, and as one could expect, i would quite like to put some music on it.

    now to the main question: If i sync the iPhone as iTunes wants, will it clean out the apps that i have put on, my contacts etc and more importaintly, will i have to Jailbreak it again? i.e. exactly what does it delete when it does Sync?

    thanks in advance and sorry for the long post

    2008-01-30 09:18 AM
  2. Rip's Avatar
    Synching is just for music, photos, data and video. So it will be fine.

    Just stay away from the restore and update buttons!
    2008-01-30 10:03 AM
  3. Raptor's Avatar
    ok, thanks for that, it had me a bit worried there
    2008-01-30 10:15 AM