1. young_rico's Avatar
    hey, any one know is theres a way to ssh into my iphone and take my library photos off.. i just recently lost ALOT of pics when i rebooted my computer... but they are still on my iphone...(not camera roll) any one know the location? or even if its possible..? thanks in advance..

    by the way im on 8gb 1.1.4 jailbroken..
    2008-08-25 04:17 PM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    When I plug my iphone into the computer (via usb) I can see it under "my computer" as a "camera device", in other words it shows up as a directory holding items like my photos which it allows me to copy over. Try that.

    There are other ways but this would be easiest.
    2008-08-25 05:03 PM
  3. young_rico's Avatar
    not my camera roll .. i mean the photos i put on my iphone through itunes..
    2008-08-27 06:40 AM