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    I need to help converting movies to the Iphone mp4 format. Currently I am using Xilisoft video to Iphone, I always make sure sample rate is identical with the original video, etc 48,000hz. The problem is that the audio always gets out of sync.

    Starting of the video its ok, but get worse and worse, unwatchable at the end.

    Is there a way to make xilisoft work? Or other tool that donít have this audio sync problem?

    Thanks for replies

    no one?
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    2008-02-19 01:45 PM
  2. Oranges's Avatar
    use handbrake. they have a pc version
    2008-02-19 10:30 PM
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    testing taht out right now, can handbrake convert avi files as well or is it just for DVD to mp4 conversion?
    2008-02-20 06:19 PM